A Scientist with Backbone


"I really can’t believe how many of you are afraid of an old abandoned house! What do you think is going to happen? Please, tell me! You’re all Pokemon trainers, and only ‘paranormal’ occurrences are going to be provoked by Ghost-types themselves!  Are a bunch of trainers really so afraid of Pokemon themselves?”


"We all know that non-Pokemon spirits don’t exist. It’s a scientific fact. But I’m intrigued by the reactions people are giving… I may have to attend this overnight get together at the Old Chateau myself to take a few notes.”


"Consider me attending. For science.


"Be sure to document everything thoroughly, Colress. Preferably with video footage of screaming trainers fleeing in terror from whatever Morty’s cooked up. I won’t be attending due to my work obligations, but I expect you to share everything that happens with me!”


"And watch out for those skeletons!"

"Kudari, all these train joke-tiks are getting old!"


"HAHA sorry Lenora! I guess I just have a one TRACK mind!"

"I’d tone it down if I were you. Otherwise your brother is going to RAIL on you!"

"Sycamore, why are teen girls asking you about threesomes?"


"Non, non! It’s not my fault at all, dearest Lenora! I’m honestly not quite sure where she learned that phrase from .. " 

"Ha, children are precious, aren’t they? Just promise me you’ll exercise discretion in what you tell her."


Did you know that I am still around and very horrible? Please ask me about my parents ramming their car into a cactus that looked like me. 

Okay, I’ll bite. Please tell about your parents ramming their car into a cactus that looked like you.


“Ummmmmm…” Aaron trailed off, puffing out a cheek. “I can’t really say I’m a student anymore… Do Elite Four members get discounts?”

"Sorry, kid," Lenora said, smirking slightly. "There’s an Elite Four groupon, though." She nodded slowly, as if to say, yes, really.


“No way, that is beyond cool!” Aaron’s eyes widened in amazement. “I’ll have to visit your place sometime. I bet my Pokémon would love to see what their ancestors looked like!”

Lenora laughed at how quickly the boy’s attitude had changed. “Are you still in school? If you bring a student ID, you can get discounted admission.”


“Bugs, huh? I wasn’t aware that bugs were a kind of robot or dinosaur. Thank you for enlightening me, Aaron.”

“Listen lady, how can I answer if I don’t like robots or dinosaurs? I was just tellin’ the truth!” 

"Sorry, kid. Just having some fun with you! 

"I like bugs, too. I have a number of fossilized arthropods on display in my museum!"


Cheryl looked at lenora and forcibly slowed her breathing “phew.. Yes I suppose so.. Although I really shouldn’t trouble them with someone useless like me..”

"Oh I forgot to ask, who are you? But please forgive me if I’m being rude! I really don’t mean to be.. I promise.." Once again the girl sighed and looked down, she didn’t feel that it was going well, but Cheryl never did.

"Uh, I’m Lenora. I’m the director of a local museum." Lenora gave the girl a quick nod, wondering whether it was really rude to ask for a person’s name in Sinnoh. "If you really don’t have any idea how you got to Unova, I think we should contact the authorities. They might be able to shed some light on what happened to you."

And be able to determine whether or not the girl was the victim of a kidnapping or some kind of trafficking, Lenora thought.


Cheryl began fanning herself in order to quell her writhing nerves “um… Well I was in victory road, looking for flower paradise and” she halted to sniff and wipe her eyes “and I got lost again and then I found myself in a completely different place”

The girl stood before lenora, messing with her nails “oh gosh I’ll probable end up having to live here forever! I’ll loose all my friends!”

Lenora stood next to Cheryl, holding a hand up helplessly. She could understand the girl being distressed, heck, she’d probably be stunned as well if she somehow wound up in an entirely different region.

"Okay, sweetie, just take a deep breath and try to calm down," Lenora said, speaking softly and slowly. "If you got here on your own, it can’t be that hard for the authorities to find a way to get you back to your own region. Just relax and try not to panic."

Does Your Mother Know? || Colress & Lenora


“Thank you, Lenora. I’m glad to be friends with such understanding people. I would likely be very lonely if every foolish action I’ve made left me with one friend less.”


“So perhaps that is what I’ll do, then… I’ll try to keep in touch with Ghetsis. If for any reason, to prevent him from pursuing any wold-changing plans. It’s a wonderful idea.”

"Ah, come here, you," Lenora said as she pulled Colress into a hug. As she pulled away, she smiled and said, "You know you can come talk to me about anything, right?"

"That’s the spirit! Go put that mad genius of yours towards a good cause! And in the meantime, if you need help with anything, don’t you hesitate to come to me for help, you hear me?"